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OLA members have access to many industry resources such as studies,Vendor Directory and Business resources.  

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2013 OLA Annual Report - Digital

2013 OLA Annual Report - PDF


2013 OLA Fall Conference Presentations

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Federal Regulator Update PPT (315 KB) Administration 10/24/2013
Payment Processing Options PPT (1.82 MB) Administration 10/24/2013
New Products - The Next Big Thing PPT (1.21 MB) Administration 10/24/2013
Get Educated on the NACHA Rules PPTX (456.19 KB) Administration 10/24/2013
Hot Button Issues In Collections PPT (1.18 MB) Administration 10/24/2013
Dickson Chu - Payment Processor Options PPT (5.09 MB) Administration 10/24/2013
Portfolio Analytics What Can The Data Tell Us PPT (4.26 MB) Administration 10/24/2013
Payments: Getting and Maintaining a Bank Relations PPT (2.31 MB) Administration 10/21/2013
UK Overview PPT (1.19 MB) Administration 10/21/2013
2013 Federal Charter PPTX (724.22 KB) Administration 10/21/2013
2013 Selling Source Survey PPTX (2.51 MB) Administration 10/21/2013
Stephens - Online Consumer Lending Industry Review PPT (2.56 MB) Administration 10/21/2013

CRC Recruitment Toolkit

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
There are no files to display.

Fraud Buttons v02

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
There are no files to display.

OLA Annual Reports

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2012 Annual Report PDF (960.22 KB) Administration 2/21/2013

OLA Testimony

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Testimony of The Online Lenders Alliance - Califor PDF (58.19 KB) Administration 11/14/2013


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Pew Charitable Trust Report on Payday Loans Link  more ] Administration 2/21/2013
FDIC Survey Overview Underbanked and Unbanked PPTX (1.85 MB) Administration 12/17/2012
FDIC Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked PDF (467.87 KB) Administration 12/17/2012

Submitted OLA Comment Letters

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Proposed Guidance on Deposit Advance Products PDF (63.62 KB)  more ] Administration 5/30/2013
Policy to Encourage Trial Disclosure Programs PDF (52.99 KB)  more ] Administration 2/19/2013
Small Business Administration Size Standards PDF (98.22 KB)  more ] Administration 11/15/2012
Supervision of Risks to Consumers PDF (42.12 KB) Administration 8/4/2012
Larger Participant Rule PDF (54.12 KB)  more ] Administration 8/4/2012

White Papers

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Decoding the R&D Tax Credit PDF (101.85 KB) Administration 8/15/2012
Mobile White Paper PDF (35.31 KB) Administration 8/15/2012
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