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About Us

The Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) is an organization representing the growing industry of U.S.-based companies offering online consumer short-term loans. 

About Our Members

OLA member companies have agreed to a List of Best Practices and Code of Conduct developed by OLA to ensure that consumers are fully informed and fairly treated and are using all lending products and practices responsibly. OLA member companies receive recommendations on industry standards and best practices. We also keep them up-to-date on legislative and regulatory issues on both the state and federal levels.

What We Do 

Beyond our role in serving and leading our members, OLA informs consumers about the online lending industry and its practices and provides resources including credit counseling, education and assistance. 


Look for the OLA Seal

Companies displaying the OLA seal adhere to the highest standards of conduct and fully comply with federal law. You can rest assured that by taking a loan with an OLA member, you are working with a company that takes its customers’ needs seriously. All OLA members are committed to ensuring customers are fully informed, fairly treated, and have the best possible customer experience.



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